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Façade principale du château


Prices 2024

In 2024, the château's prices will change:

  • Self-guided tour for adults: €5.50 per person (for groups of 20 or more paying adults)
  • At the table of the Lords of Carrouges (visit and lunch at the château): from €27 per person

Advance ticket sales - conditions 2024

To better meet your expectations and simplify access to the château, advance ticketing is also changing. Discover the 2024 terms and conditions

The new advance ticket prices and terms and conditions will come into force on 1 January 2024.

Pro ticketing

Buy tickets in advance and benefit from numerous advantages: discounts, priority access, etc.

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  • Visuel fiche commerciale Carrouges 2.JPG

    Château de Carrouges fact sheet - fra

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  • Visual brochure groups Carrouges.JPG

    Brochures adult groups château de Carrouges

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  • Visual business brochure Carrouges.JPG

    Château de Carrouges business tourism brochure

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  • ATSC offer sheet visual.JPG

    A la table des Seigneurs de Carrouges brochure

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  • Visual ATSC.JPG data sheet

    Technical information A la table des Seigneurs de Carrouges

    PDF (813.92 kB)

  • MHTC offer sheet visual.JPG

    Brochure offering A moment out of time in Carrouges

    PDF (308.47 kB)


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